Touch Lamina®

Wireless touch plate

With home automation you can now put your switch anyway you think its comfortable to you.

Move away from the norm and enter the tech world with the Touch Lamina®. An alternative way for you to control any device connected to the Silux Control® system. You can replace it or use it as an addition to your current switches. With the added bonus of being wireless, you can easily place it where it is most convenient.

  • Easily replaces all regular light switches
  • Wireless or wired power
  • Portable
  • Assign a button to any Silux Control® device you wish, including garage doors, pool pumps and much more.
  • Luminous buttons in the dark
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Touch Lamina price

 silux touch lamina view1
Touch Lamina® Gen 1

silux touch lamina view2
Touch Lamina® Gen 1

silux touch lamina view3
Touch Lamina® Gen 1