Thermo Stabilizer®

Geyser controller

With home automation you can control you geyser temperature and home automation helps you to schedule time fro the geyser.

Save money and take control of your geyser. Set specific on/off times, as well as desired temperatures, to keep your water at a constant temperature. With real-time temperature feedback viewable and controllable anywhere in the world on the Silux Control® app, easily adjust the Thermo Stabilizer® to suit your lifestyle.

  • Output A: control of water in geyser tank
  • Output B: control of solar collector pump
  • Set schedules - Daily/weekly
  • Manual override
  • Temp set: 25ºC ~ 60ºC
  • Differential temp geyser & solar collectors: 5ºC~15ºC
  • Error notification including: heat element failure, leak detection & no water failure
  • Can be controlled independently or via the IntelliHub®
  • WiFi Features: Remote cloud connectivity & cloud backup and restore, hubcentric topology management and schedule & scene control
  • Note: Operate WiFi only or ability to integrate via the Silux Control® network
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Thermo Stabilizer® Gen 1

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Thermo Stabilizer® Gen 1

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Thermo Stabilizer® Gen 1