Spektra® Globe

RGBW Lighting

Using the Silux Control® app, the Spektra® Globe has the ability to create a sunrise and sunset effect like no other. Choose from a wide spectrum of color changing LED lighting to create the perfect mood. No more waking up to an alarm buzzing in your ear. Allow the Spektra® to wake you up with the calmness of a sunrise sensation.

  • Sunrise & Sunset optional
  • Full Color Spectrum
  • User defined
  • Plug-In control unit
  • Dimmable via the Silux Control® app
  • No need for a Silux Collector®
  • Silux Color Stepping
  • Silux Color Rainbow
  • Fire rated
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spektra globe view image2
Spektra Globe® Gen 1

spektra globe view image3
Spektra Globe® Gen 1

spektra globe view image1
Spektra Globe® Gen 1