Silux® Series

Starter Kit

The Silux® Series is the best way to get started on home automation. The kit contains all you need to start converting your home to a smart home.

  • 1 X IntelliHub®
  • 2 X Seekers®
  • 2 X Touch Laminas® (2 and 4 way Touch lamina®)
  • 4 X Collector Relays®
  • 4 X Silux Power Supplies®
  • 1 X USB Cable
  • 1 X Power adaptor
  • 4 X User Manuals
  • 2 X CR2032 Batteries
  • 4 X AAA Batteries
  • 1 X USB with instruction videos
  • 4 X Mounting screw sets
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intellihub view image2
Intellihub® Gen 2

seeker view image3
Seeker® Gen 2

touch lamina view image3
Touch Lamina® Gen 1

collector relays view image2
Collector Relay® Gen 2

silux power supply view image1
Silux® Power Supply Gen 1

usb cable and a power adapter view image3