Silux Control® an affordable Lifestyle Automation system

Since 2014, a large team of developers have been working on continual development of the Silux Control® Wireless Automation System.

Thousands of hours have been spent considering and evaluating what every person would wish a Smart Automation System could do, what would make daily life easier to manage and the importance of quality time for most people and families.

Silux Control® developers went to great lengths to evaluate other protocols and communication systems currently available and decided that all observed systems had fundamental flaws either from a technical viewpoint or cost and hence it was a Smarter idea to create a proprietary software and RF encrypted communication system which could provide data transfer at speeds between wireless devices of up to 600kbps.

Importantly the concept of making the system future-proof was a key consideration and as such, Silux Control® can provide software updates to all devices through the Wireless encrypted RF, which is unique to Silux Control®!
The Silux Control® communication with devices is secured via a high level of meshing and a very complex and integrated software protocol that allows huge amounts of information to travel between devices.
All information relating to the installed system is stored in a cloud allowing the client to access it’s status from anywhere in the world and of course receive remote technical support from Silux Control® Engineers via the diagnostic package that is inherent in the software.

Silux Control® can access battery level status, online status and other information that are critical to a successful Wireless Automation System.

The development team, employed by Silux Control®, is continually and constantly working on developing new products to add to the Silux Control® family and pushing the boundaries of what technology can offer to both existing and new customers.

The Silux Control® team of technicians are constantly carrying out product testing to ensure Silux Control® products are typically "bullet proof".

As a statement of philosophy, Silux Control® as a company, is geared to respond rapidly to any field situations that require software modifications for minor errors in its devices, and hence is able to act quickly by sending product software updates to the necessary devices within hours thereby resolving any issues for the client, simply and efficiently with a minimum of inconvenience.

The Silux Control® Technical support structure is incredibly strong, and clients are able to discuss concerns or query issues that perhaps are not clearly understood, or are requiring guidance in understanding what could be possible, by communicating directly with the team of design engineers responsible for creating those products.

At Silux Control®, we firmly believe that Smart Wireless Automation should be capable of modifying itself according to the client’s requirements rather than the other way round.

Silux Control® is designed, developed and manufactured at our Head Office in Cape Town, South Africa.

Silux Control® have created state of the art facilities for both manufacturing and product development to ensure it has the best working environment for the creation of the ultimate.

A walk through video can be supplied on request.

Silux Control® procures its electronic components mainly from the USA market for its micro-controllers, embedded and high complexity components, with other basic materials procured from both Japan and China.

At Silux Control®, without compromising quality our philosophy has been to keep the system and devices as affordable as possible.

Silux Control® devices as a principle, are specifically designed to make installation and use, as easy as possible with a wide range of possible applications.

With encrypted data control, the clients system is well protected from the outside world, providing peace of mind.

As Silux Control® does not need an Internet connection at the location where it has been installed. This means that for those situations where Wi-Fi or Internet connection at home / office is weak or not available, the Silux Control® system can still be successfully installed and it will happily operate and control Silux Control® Devices via a mobile smart device acting as a hotspot at that location.

Silux Control® have recently introduce a new exciting addition to the family.
PRO-EM® which will redefine how Emergency lighting control is tested , monitored and reported providing full statutory and mandatory compliance to any Emergency Lighting System regardless of size.

The intuitive way in which Silux Control® create and develop products, means we firmly believe that we have created our own path for the future that is way ahead of the market and can provide 21st Century solutions wirelessly!